Caprolactam (chips, flakes): C6H11NO

CAS: 105-60-2

Permanganate number not more than 4,0
Colour of 50% solution not more than 3,0 Hasen
Volatile base content not more than 0,4 mmol/kg
Fraction of cyclohexanoxime not more than 0,002%
Fraction of iron not more than 0,00002 %
Crystallization temperature not less than 68,8 degree Celsius
Optical density of 50% solution not more than 0,05
Acidity not more than 0,05 mmol/kg
Alkalinity not more than 0,1 mmol/kg

Caprolactam chips are packed in 25 kg PE-bags on pallets, shrinked wrapped. 25 mt net in a 40 feet container.

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